General Voicing #3

So I have a couple things on my mind atm. One of the biggest ones is that I am changing my major; the other is a canvas I have that I shouldn’t.


I’ve lived in the “real world” and I found (the hard way) how the real world and the classroom are practically polar opposites. I was originally going for Marketing, since it was the only business degree that I’ve had experience in and enjoyed parts of. Well this semester has been a nightmare and I’m only 4 weeks into it.

Business wasn’t something I was thrilled about getting into (something I wouldn’t hate too much), but I knew I was able to survive in it and make a decent enough living. I wanted to do this, continue to make art and eventually live solely off my work. If anyone wants to give me a candid opinion on if I should go for art, please let me know (I have a few other choices that I might select).


I don’t want to go into why I have this canvas and shouldn’t. Some things you just want to forget the why. Anyway, I have this and have tried to paint two different paintings on this and both have failed. I’m not sure if it’s some sort of artistic curse, since the canvas wasn’t supposed to be for me, or if the ideas I had were just unsuccessful and it has nothing to do with the preceding reason.

Any ideas?

Song: I needed something to help me think. Hammock – Losing You to You

  1. i think you should go for it.
    regret is a horrible feeling

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