General Voicing #2

I guess this will mainly concern two things: Glicee and a dual painting


I was asked by a friend to possibly make prints of two paintings I have. I never really considered making prints as I always focused on original work. I did want to make some later on down the road, when I had a few more years under my belt and be a little bit more established. Also, reading into it, to be cost effective, I would have to make a few (5 or more). You can do only 1, but most of the money put into it is because of the scanning and work the operator has to do. When he/she does it once, you don’t have to do it again. I would do it if I had a few people interested in 1 or 2 paintings, so I wouldn’t dig into my pocket too much or have to charge more, because it would be more per.

Has anyone else come to the road of staying original vs making prints?

Dual Painting:

I want to find another artist on my wavelength as me, to do a dual painting with. I did one with my ex and it came out pretty cool. I have to fix a few things with it, but I’ll probably post a picture of it in a little while. I have lots of paintings I need to take pictures of and edit, but that’s another story.

Anyway, there are a few ways about doing it, either working on two separate sides of the canvas, which is usually better, but you can also have someone do the first layer and then the next person works on top. Usually if you’re going to do it this way, I would imagine it would be best to have two canvases so both people have a bottom and top. It might get tricky that way; however, there will be two finished paintings.

Anyone had any positive/negative stories regarding this?

Song:  Been a long weekend. I did lots of studying and homework. I took a break to write this and when I’m done, I will be going back… Devin Townsend – Winter

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