After some further thought, I have decided to pair a couple of the paintings from the ones I have chosen to give away from my “Economical Deal.” I have two so far, with two others on my mind.

“He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands…” and “Directions” are two that I have set in stone. Both of the E.D. Paintings paired are similar in nature and theme so I think they will fit very well.

The two I am thinking about are “The End of the World. Un Fin.” and “Severity.”

The main reason why I am unsure about End of the World is because the paired piece is something that I kind of want to keep for myself. I know I am being selfish, though there are only two paintings I have done that I am adamant about not selling. One that I was already on the fence about I put a price tag on.

As for Severity, the paired painting is bigger and I have set that painting alone at a very low price. If I sold both for the price of one, I would be cutting even (maybe even red). I don’t want to add to the price as a dual set. I could though, just not sure if it’s the best option. Any suggestions?

I’ll post pictures after the paintings have sold. I don’t want them to skew any thoughts and opinions.

Song: Baroness – Steel That Sleeps The Eye

    • Angie
    • February 12th, 2010

    I am in love with this one.

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