Inspiration – Films/TV (Art)

There are a few art films/tv shows I have seen that have given me a great amount of inspiration. Watching other artist in motion, sometimes gives me that push to stop what I am doing and go paint. Even though I may not have canvas, paint, ideas or anything/everything that I need to walk into a painting with, but this force just gets inside my brain and won’t stop. Well it doesn’t stop until I stop watching whatever I am at the moment.

I don’t think I need to go into Art School Confidential. I hope everyone has seen it. If not, go buy it NOW! Another movie that I think everyone should watch is a film called “Beautiful Losers.” I already quoted something in one of my earlier writings. It gave me such inspiration, it was incredible. Nothing like that had been so powerful in making me want to go create something.

The biggest thing I think I walked away from that movie with as how much I enjoy doing sets. I have only done a couple of sets so far, but I really enjoy them. I am at an in-between period right now of a set of 4 (8” x 10”) and I really enjoyed doing them. It was a little bit tedious but I will probably show some process pictures in a little while.

I love to draw in words, thoughts, actions and processes from others. Watching someone in motion create is wonderful. There is a local art establishment close to me called AS220 and they do showcases on local artist, usually people that have been around for a little while in the RI Art Scene. I was watching one of the episodes, and some of what they were talking about re-enforced the same ideals I have about art. It’s nice to hear someone say exactly how you feel. Artists are all connected.

Song: Since I have added some RI info into this one, I’ll put in a band which is half made from here. Matt and Kim – Lessons Learned

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