Inspiration – Other Artwork

Looking at someone’s painting(s) can stop me in my tracks. Just staring at it with such amazement and wonder. Maybe I think about how they created the painting or look at certain spots, just looking in detail, scanning the surface with my eyes.

One of the biggest things I get from other artwork is the use of colors. I have a passion for color. In the beginning, I would make paintings out of colors. I picked certain color that I wanted to be in the painting and that’s how it ended up. Obviously I progressed from this form of painting, but I still have my love for colors.

Also, concepts/content/etc. go into why I enjoy certain paintings but colors is first on my list. Someone that can capture me in a painting already won me over. I may not like/love all of their works. I might only love one single piece, but I enjoy it and it enriches my artistic creativity.

And to show some work that I did from being inspired, the only painting I have done based off another piece of art. The work is from one of my favorite Musicians/Artist Jacob Bannon. The picture is from the cover art of Converge’s cd Jane Doe.

My Creation titled You Fail Me (which is another cd/song from Converge)

You can see how I took the style of Jacob’s work, but I did it with my own hands and mind. It’s something I have battled back and forth on if I should sell it or not. Though I always think about two things, when I think about keeping more of my own works for myself:

  1. I might be robbing someone from a piece of their own personal inspiration.
  2. I need to let my personal expressions be free.

Side Note: I realized I am out of canvas. Fresh canvas anyway. I need to buy some more as soon as I get some cash. This sucks!

Songs:  Converge – You Fail Me & Jane Doe (this is a little heavy for most ears, worth it imo)

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