Inspiration – Other Artist

We all draw our individual inspiration from different places. The key part of it is that we obtain it in some form. There are a couple of main categories that I seem to continually get inspired by. I’m breaking this up into a few different parts. I don’t want to make one long essay full of too much info to devour in one sitting. The first one is about how I get inspired by other artist.

Other Artists:

“I do feel a relationship between my work and others peoples work.” – Jo Jackson from Beautiful Losers

If you’re an artist and you’re reading this, then it applies to you (maybe). Looking at people’s artwork makes me think. The visual information you throw out, my brain takes it in, jumbles it around, and jumps from idea to idea. Sometimes I end up creating something from one of those ideas.

As much as I draw inspiration from other artist, I don’t really have direct influences. I paint whatever is on my mind or whatever vision I have at the time and that is that. But I still pull what I can from others with incredible talents. I would say where I pull influences from, is in my drumming, but that’s a different topic.

Also, attitudes and explanation go a long way too. I hear someone saying the EXACT feelings I have, and it just reminds me how we’re all connected. I try to dissect those words, and re-work them into my own process. It makes me happy. Period.

It’s even hard to write what I mean. It feels like trying to define Love or Cool or some other un-definable emotion. I guess the only thing else I can say is thanks. Thanks for sharing your art, your personal little world.

(I know I forgot a song for the last post, so I am making up for it…with a little bit of drumming)

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