Story About A Painting – The American Heartbeat

I figure I start my personal reflections of my work with my best and favorite painting. I started this painting right at the beginning of ’07. I put down layer after layer of paint and other materials. I had to wait days/weeks in between to let the paint/material dry and harden so I could manipulate it as I progressed.

I also bent the canvas (on purpose) to give it a twisted effect. At the time I knew that this was going to be one insane painting, but I didn’t know the exact evolution is was going to take. I would rip off parts of the materials I used, to make the canvas have certain shapes, depths and contour. This one wasn’t going to be like prior pieces I had finished, by just using Acrylic paint alone to achieve the feeling I wanted. Months and months progressed and the layers and shapes took a look that I wanted. I had to stop for a few months in between because I ended up moving (twice). Shortly after I got settled again it was the first thing I wanted to get working on.

I had a base coat and so I started adding more paint over the top of it. I used a couple of different techniques to get the style of paint applied that I wanted; I only used a brush for about half of the paint applied. I started with white on top of a faint blue. I didn’t cover the whole canvas. Then I applied a red over the white, but I didn’t apply even amounts, so you can see varying degrees of color and no color in other parts. The last paint I put over it was black. I wanted a tri-tonal feeling, yet have some hints of other colors visible.

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s the best I can do (other than bringing it to each person’s house). If I can do a couple more paintings of this caliber, I will be very happy with myself. I have a feeling that this one will stay in the top works of my life.

  1. Great post, Eric. I like to see how other artist’s work. Also, the picture is a good visual — I’m glad you added it.

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