Not Every Idea Comes to Life on the Canvas

EDIT: I wrote this early June 09. First painting, I was referring to is “still on the shelf.” Second painting, has a new beginning but I haven’t done too much with it. Third painting, I turned into this. I mainly wanted to still publish this just for a mental note that we all go through blocks/slumps. Just need to work through it, and continue to create.

So, I am apparently in a bad funk. Or someone cast some voodoo spells on me to make me not be able to convey whatever ideas I have to canvas in a good way.

1st piece: I did a ton of groundwork for it. What I wanted to do was to have all these riffs and breaks, put down a ton of different color dots and some drips. Then I wanted to cover it in a deep purple and have just hints of what was down seep through. After that spray with white dots, no drips. Then paint a big Acorn in the middle it. It was going to just be a fun painting I wanted to do but the coating of purple was a complete failure. I have just put it aside until I come up with something new.

2nd Piece: I had an idea to do a realism/scenery of something from out west. Right off the bat it went down hill. The background was not what I wanted I knew it would go where I wanted it to. I have also set it to the side.

3rd Piece: I painted it with the white coating I wanted. I did my first bit of outline work and it’s a no-go. I need this to be very small, accurate and clean. Between the pencil on canvas and the small brush I bought for this painting, this won’t work. I either need a much larger canvas, better skills or to just make a larger version of it with pen on paper like I had originally done.

Oh cruel art, how you torment my abilities and twist my vision. I guess it was supposed to happen sooner or later. A string of great paintings and then I end up with a 3 bad starts within a month. Maybe I’ll just clear my head and re-attack one of them once I have a new idea floating around.

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