My Intro

Well as always when you first meet someone, you should get a quick intro about them. My name is Eric, and I hail from Rhode Island. Smallest state in the US, but still has more people in it the seven bigger ones (including the biggest). Speaking of the biggest state I lived there for three years. I was enlisted in the US Air Force for just over four years, and for three of those four I was stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage Alaska. I moved back to Rhode Island about a year ago to go to college. I’m currently in my second semester.

So, now that you know a little bit about me, you should know that I am creating this blog mainly for the purposes of my art. I got into doing art for myself when I was 18. What started out as nothing more than little odd paintings, turned into something I had no idea that I could do. As time progressed, I got better and learned how to continually improve and push myself further.

As being my intro thread, I am including a few older writings that I had done previously to put into this blog. The timing just didn’t work they way I wanted but everything is in order now (mostly). I have a list of a bunch of topics I want to discuss and write about. I plan on writing 1 – 2 blogs per week. Hopefully I will be able to sustain this goal. If anyone has any ideas for topics I should write about, pertaining to art or my work, please let me know. Also, any feedback is always welcome.

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