Is that for me or him or nobody? – Personal VS Commission Art

For some artist, they don’t care as long as they continue to make a living in the end. For others, it’s a small to moderate to large want/need in their own personal quest in what the next creation will be.

In Personal Art, the artist is in 100% control of the painting, or whatever other type of medium is being used, from start to finish. There is no timeline and there is no demand on what the creation will be. The only thing that could arise from that is if the artist has a show and needs a certain amount of pieces to go into the show, or needs to finish a set for part of a gallery. Having that type of freedom is sometimes needed. Spending a year or more on one specific painting, for whatever reason, can really increase the amount of care you take on something to make sure it comes out to your own perfection. That feeling of “It’s not quite ready yet.” can stand out in your mind and make you think more deeply into the mind of the paint you have sprawled on the canvas, or the twist of metal, or maybe even the giant hunk of wood waiting for the last knicks to be taken. The main draw-back to this, is/can be money. If you are a make-my-entire-living-off-my-art artist (I’m jealous…for now) than this is a big factor for you. Being able to make a living off art in today’s world is a huge challenge.

In Commission Art, the freedom factor is not as great however you have other rewards to look forward to. Right off the bat, you have a guaranteed sale (as long as the customer gets what they asked for). Money in the pocket means you get to buy more supplies to further your creations or a nice loaf of Wonder Bread and packet of Ramen, needed for the daily nutrients. Time can also be a factor. Generally it’s an agreed upon time-frame. Sometimes much longer than needed, sometimes right on the dot with the final brush stroke. Also some of your creativity can be lessened. If someone has something in mind and they’re very adamant about the specifics, your creative freedoms can be diminished and that doesn’t always end well.

For myself, I would like to have a 50/50 but that’s not the case for the time being. I enjoy having my creative freedom for most of my paintings. Though the commission work sometimes help give me a break in-between all of the different works I create. I do still enjoy the commission work I get. I find being asked by someone to do something for them, like a mini-Christmas. I do know it’s a little bit more stressful since I am making a painting for someone’s specific wishes. I’m always happy they picked me though.

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