General Voicing #1

“I don’t understand why you can’t see the Rabbit in the Tree with the Chainsaw!”

As most know (or don’t) I mainly dabble in the abstract field of art in my creations. Sometimes I add a bit of surreal atmosphere in with the oddities of shapes, color and textures. This is generally not the case. Usually, you’re starring at a canvas with colors and from that point; you’re on your own. I hear countless arguments (why would I count them?) of “You don’t see that?” or “Well this is what I see…” a continual form of debate that is sometimes suggestive, yet sometimes a coercive action. Though cohesion can generally be met with a liking/disliking of said painting.

Speaking of which, I do find it funny how most people won’t tell me what paintings they don’t like. I know there are ones that attract the eye, move on to the brain and then connect with the soul. Others get the cursed view and tossed out like bad meal. However, with those true and honest feelings, I as the artist (small time for now) do not hear of such tales. I would love to hear any negative criticism with a side of constructive criticism thrown in there. I will not be offended if someone gives me a non-jaded opinion on my work. Although, I will attach a clause to that. Don’t tell me “Oh this paintings blows. You should never paint again.” That’s just rude. A simple “I don’t care for this; it just doesn’t have what I personally like.” works fine. I don’t expect everyone to enjoy everything I have done, I don’t even. When it gets to that point, I re-use the canvas for something better.

Also, I would love any suggestions for a possible painting. Not an entire painting from start to finish, but rather a concept/idea that I can build off of. “Professor Sandiford: Now, everyone don’t be so hard on Jerome. He is attempting to achieve the impossible. He is trying to sing in his own voice using someone else’s vocal cords.” That line come to mind when I think of someone telling what “You know what would be cool…” (yes I do watch a lot of movies, ask anyone). I want a concept or an idea because that way I will use it as a part of my creative process. The blanks get filled in when I use my raw emotions and creativity to make the rest of the painting come to a completion. I think of what I will do step by step and make my adjustments from there.

I don’t get writers block, I occasionally get painters block…

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